Timeline of Events

what happened and is happening as it happens

It begins Jan 2017 - April 2017

Chelsea sits on couch and does nothing.

April 15, 2017 - Jane Goodall's birthday

Chelsea goes to see Jane Goodall's birthday tour in Kelowna for her Birthday. Chelsea's mind is blown. Woa, maybe I, like, could make a difference!

April 16, 2017 Back to reality

Chelsea resumes her role on the couch and watches the world she loves get destroyed.

April 22, 2017 She's had enough

Chelsea closes her computer.

She's inspired for action!

Gets on the phone and does something.

She calls Lisa White

Lisa white explains the situation to Chelsea. Chelsea is horrified. And then Lisa asks the question that changed everything. "Why don't you come up here and see for yourself." Chelsea thought to herself, what can I do get up there, and share this experience with the world. She makes another phone call. 

She calls Freddy Strauss and the trades begin

Chelsea asks Freddy about an off the cusp comment he made about trading one of her paintings for the use of his motor home. She asks him if he was serious about this exchange. He said...YES!!!! 

And the never ending surprises had begun.

Still April 22 but about 7:00 pm at that point

Chelsea has interest from over nine artists to join the project. 

April 23, 2017 Doubt sets in!

Chelsea suffers from crippling self-doubt and almost calls off the project.

Lucky for Chelsea, her good friend Sarah Esch comes into the picture and changes EVERYTHING. They share dinner and a glass of wine, Chelsea explains the project but fears she does not have the administrative skills to pull a project like this off. As the story would have it, Sarah was the perfect woman for the job, and she wanted an adventure, so the next exchange was made. Tech and moral support and social media bliss in exchange for an adventure that aims to affect social change.

Chelsea is entirely grateful to Sarah for her invaluable help because you would not be reading these words; without the help of Sarah. THANK YOU!!! XXXX

Sarah didn't know Chelsea was going to jump ship, and that it was Sarah who steered Chelsea's' energy to the direction it needed to go. But she does now!

May 26, 2017 www.onrootproject.com makes it's world debut, thank you internet or ethernet and RedMillCreative!

A big thank you to Jason from Red Mill creative who made this beautiful site. He was amazing to work with, such a good human. Chelsea is not a tech person and could not have ever coded anything so fabulous.  Yummy Salmon coming your way Jason.

May the exchanges continue!!!! 

All the gratitude, Chelsea Robinson


Chelsea announces onroot project at the Root Revival Series in Kelowna

Artists who participated at the event just so happened to have their hearts and motivations in all the right places, so Chelsea announced the project and invited some of these delightful individuals who you will be meeting shortly to the team. 

Individuals such as Sandy Mcafee, Nils Loewen and Oliver Swain.

If you happen to live or be visiting Kelowna and these sorts of happenings are your jam, do check out www.heartinthehouse.ca 

May 19, 2017- We steered our ship into the storm and caught a film crew.


And then a documentary film crew heard about the project and they jumped aboard too.

Here is a picture of our first interview. 

Photo credit Travis Cross

May, 20th Contracts of hope!


Chelsea meets with a lawyer, she avoided him because she thought he would crush her dreams! Instead, he offered her a contract she couldn't refuse and her dreams weren't crushed at all, in fact, the dream became a reality.  

The project had all the green lights and thumbs up.

May 29th - Chelsea attempted packing for the trip of a lifetime


June 1, 2017 Fly

Chelsea Flies of to Smithers to meet Freddy and paint him his painting!

Things got very real very quickly. 

June 2 -8th She painted and painted

Finger painting by Chelsea Robinson

Mark Twrow photo credit

June 9th - Sarah arrives in Smithers

Chelsea and her make their way to Prince Rupert, via Terrace, then over the Haida Gwaii on the ferry, learning to drive the 32 foot RV along as they went and picking up filmmaker and creator of not.tv, Travis Cross along the way. 

We arrive and learn about the importance of balance at balance rock

Interview with Robert Davison -Video coming


Behind the scenes totem pole carving


Nature walk -video coming


June 23rd - Sandy McAfee arrives

The community collaboration begins. So many gifts were shared that night.

Kayak With Hero Jeff Gibbs


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