On Root Project

art and science come together for change

The On Root Project is a collaboration between Lisa White, Director of Tluu Xaadaa Naay Society, and land protector, and Chelsea Robinson, settler-ally, artist and protector.

Guiding principle: The On Root Project works with the community through ongoing consultation leveraged by way of consent and response, navigated through the lens of matrilineal stewardship.

Purpose: The goal of the On Root Project is to draw attention to the damaging practice of industrial logging.

Methodology: As the aim of the On Root Project is to “draw attention” there are two primary methods to meet this purpose. The first is an invitation for communities to gather at music-infused house concerts, where a speaker will be invited to share expertise, traditional knowledge and/or academic research regarding the current impacts of industrial logging.

The second method to “draw attention” extends a call to visual artists, musicians, writers and community member to visit both a clear cut and a standing old growth forest and from these visits to produce works of art (of any medium), music, or creative writing that expresses a personal response that bears witness to industrial logging.

Outcomes: The On Root Project will gather documentation from each house concert and these records will be collated and publicised through the On Root Project website and other media platforms. Artists’ submission works of art, writing, and music created in response to field trips will be disseminated to the public through a traveling exhibition the summer of 2018 (pending funding) and a gallery exhibition on Haida Gwaii in the fall of 2018. Artworks will also be featured on the website and other media platforms.

This awareness campaign aims to create a foundation that will mobilize communities to action to resolve the problem of industrial logging.

About On Root Project

The purpose of the On Root project is to bring attention to the problematic nature of clearcut logging in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Artists and scientists have been invited to attend a one-week residency in Old Massett on Graham Island, the northern most island in the group.

Where Is Haida Gwaii?

Rooted Traveling Exhibition

Call to Artists Rooted The On Root Project invites artists visiting or locals to Haida Gwaii in 2017 to participate in the first annual Rooted exhibit. We ask that you visit both an old growth forest and a clear cut forest then create a work of art that responds to this contrast. Our aim is…

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