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The On Root Project began in the summer of 2017 in Haida Gwaii, as a collaboration between Lisa White Director of Tluu Xaadaa Naay Society, and land protector, and Chelsea Robinson, artist, events producer, and community activator. White invited Robinson to assist in creating events that would gather community and local interest and support in the protection of the old-growth forests on the northern part of Graham Island in Haida Gwaii. The events began around a campfire with acoustic collaborations between indigenous community members and invited BC artists which grew into house concerts and ended with a Gorilla Forest concert which hosted 75 community members who would later become the core group of the protesters and conservation efforts in Masset today.

Once we returned home to the Okanagan the need to expand the project became apparent. We wanted to make people aware of the scope of the clear-cut logging and the untenable beauty, wildlife, and all the cultural values that are routinely decimated as a matter of ‘doing business’ in this province.

We imagined landscapes that could be exempt from the claws of the feller bunch. We imagined pristine forests where salmon came to spawn, where delicate mosses and lichens could continue to grow and where wildlife was free to live in its natural habitat.

Then we took stock of multitudes of rare and endangered species that continue to inhabit especially the old-growth and without doubt committed to an expanded project that could reach into the Peace District, the Far East Kootenays, up the Robson Valley and along the coast and onto Vancouver Island.



On Root Project is excited to provide a tried and true methodology to draw attention to this mission. We are interested in partnering with your organization, to produce events that will draw community attention to your cause and your organization. We specialize in events around old-growth forests and industrial logging, however, are not limited to this, we are comfortable curating events around any environmental issue. We should be seen as the connectors that facilitate a relationship and connection to you and your cause.


The On Root Project’s Revival series combines music and expert speakers to create engaging events designed to draw attention to the magic of the old-growth forests of BC and the damaging effects of clear cut logging.

Guiding principle: The On Root Project works to connect people to their local experts through curated events by way of local consultation, careful curation to inspire a love for the indigenous landscape.

Purpose: The goal of the On Root Project is to draw attention to your mission and mobilize community to action.

Methodology: As the aim of the On Root Project is to “draw attention” the primary method to meet this purpose is a carefully composed event. We offer specialized music events that are curated to engage and activate community interest on the issue you wish to highlight. We use music to draw a diverse crowd, with the hopes to engage an audience who might not normally attend an environmental awareness event or campaign.

Speakers will be invited to share expertise, traditional knowledge and/or academic research regarding conservation and protection of the land for future generations to enjoy. During the event, local experts and organizations will be highlighted.

Participants will leave the event feeling inspired by the music, well informed from the speaker and connected to your initiatives.

Through extensive research and direct consultation, we curate an event that will inspire attendees to want to answer a call to action.     

Outcomes: The On Root Project will gather documentation from each music event house concert and these records will be collated and publicized through the On Root Project website and other media platforms. The On Root Project can provide a call to action at the end of the event and/or will direct the community to your organization for further information and opportunities to get involved.

This awareness campaign aims to create a foundation that will mobilize communities to a call to action, from writing letters to local MP’s to donating land.


On Root is currently in the process of organizing and looking to finance four music videos filmed in different old-growth forest locations around BC More on that soon.


We look forward to collaborating with you,

Chelsea Robinson,
Co-Founder On Root Project

About On Root Project

The purpose of the On Root project is to bring attention to the problematic nature of clearcut logging in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Artists and scientists have been invited to attend a one-week residency in Old Massett on Graham Island, the northern most island in the group.

Rooted Traveling Exhibition

Call to Artists Rooted The On Root Project invites artists visiting or locals to Haida Gwaii in 2017 to participate in the first annual Rooted exhibit. We ask that you visit both an old growth forest and a clear cut forest then create a work of art that responds to this contrast. Our aim is…

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